Stay in compliance with local regulations. Call Mastin to schedule your periodic septic tank cleaning.

New State and County regulations

There are many new regulations regarding septic sytems in the state of Ohio. Many counties have also enacted new ordinances and standards requiring nearly all septic system owners periodic mantenance to keep in compliance

Trusted, Licensed & Insured

Mastin is licensed and insured for all of the septic work we do. We keep up with all of the current requirements and standards to keep our customers in compliance with all state and county requirements.

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Septic tank pumping and cleaning companies in Wood County Ohio


Pumping and cleaning a septic tank regularly is the main thing that can and should be done to extend the life of your septic system. It is recommended to pump and have your septic tank cleaned every 3-5 years. Call Mastin Septic at 419-877-5351 to get an estimate.

Pumping of boat waste holding tanks


Of course you can call Mastin to pump out the septic tanks at your residence. But did you know you can also call Mastin Septic to bring one of our septic pumping trucks right to the dock to service your boat or yacht! We will pump out the holding tank on marine vessels too!


Are you having issues with your septic system and need repairs to an existing system? Our licensed septic specialists are experts in finding affordable solutions to repairs needed to your system. During our initial visit, our specialist will thoroughly inspect your septic system to determine what repairs are needed.


A sewage pump works much like a sump pump. It sits at the lowest point that needs drained and pumps liquid and solid waste up to the sewer lines at ground level. Mastin Septic has many years of experience fixing and replacing sewage pumps and lift station pumps. If you think you are having an issue with your pump, call Mastin Septic to help you determine your problem and let the professionals get your pump back working properly.

Septic System upgrades keep you in compliance with all rules and regulations


Basic septic system upgrades can simplify maintenance and improve system function. Risers can be installed on a septic system to provide home owners and inspectors easy access to locating the septic tank and provide for easier future repairs or maintenance. Mastin Septic has many years of experience installing and repairing septic systems.

Whitehouse Ohio septic system repairs


Mastin performs Septic System Repair including excavation work necessary to reach your septic tank when repairs are need below ground level.